TriviumVet Approach

Our mission is to deliver innovative healthcare solutions for companion animals

Pets have become an important part of our lives and over time have become members of the family. They share our homes, our food and our environments; and while their lives are all too short when they leave us, their rapid aging relative to humans offers a unique key to unlocking many of the mysteries of how and why we age. Targeting and treating some of these chronic diseases of aging in our pets has the potential to improve the quality of life of our pets as they age.

At TriviumVet we develop innovative companion animal veterinary therapeutics.

Strategic focus on the development and commercialisation of novel therapeutics and diagnostics for companion animals.

Highly experienced team with extensive expertise in animal health and a track record of developing and commercialising, pharmaceutical products and supported by world class Key Opinion Leaders.

Portfolio of Intellectual Property across our product range.


The role of pets in our lives has changed over the past number of decades. 

Pets have moved from outdoors to indoors and are now an integral part of the family.

Owners expect sophisticated and effective therapies for their pets.


We are developing treatments for diseases in cats and dogs for which there is no available therapy.

We work with veterinarians and specialists worldwide to achieve regulatory approval for our new animal drugs.

Our key focus is on: Cardiology, Pain Management, Wellness testing, Gastrointestinal and Age-related disease.

At TriviumVet, we believe in:

Delivering animal specific regulated therapeutics designed especially for them.

Delivering safe effective therapeutics for veterinarian prescription.

Developing a managed portfolio of therapeutics to continuously build company value.

Our independence and entrepreneurial heritage means we are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Our passion to improve animal health means we share and transfer knowledge throughout our company and academic research partners.