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IHS Markit Article – TriviumVet gearing up for pet pipeline launches to bridge therapeutic gaps

Ireland’s TriviumVet is a therapeutics and diagnostics start-up targeting a range of unmet needs in companion animal health. Having weathered the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is now aiming to take its lead gastrointestinal candidates to market next year. IHS Markit Animal Health analyst Sian Lazell spoke to founder and chief executive Louise Grubb about the firm’s pipeline potential and its goal to secure industry partners.


Irish start-up TriviumVet is eyeing the pathway to commercialization for its pipeline of pet therapeutics. The company has developed a range of candidates targeting gastrointestinal (GI) disease, cardiac disease, neuropathic pain and kidney disease, as well as a diagnostic for dogs.


The firm’s chief executive and founder Louise Grubb previously established Irish pet nutraceutical business NutriScience over two decades ago. Although the business would eventually be sold to Swedencare, the core premise of using state-of-the-art healthcare products and applying them to animal health would be key in paving the way for TriviumVet.

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