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After selling two pharma firms, Louise Grubb is preparing for the US launch of a treatment for heart disease in cats

Check out this July 2023 feature in one of Irelands national papers - The Independent

Can you always tell when an animal is in pain? ‍

Not always, says Louise Grubb, co-founder and chief executive of TriviumVet, a pet health company that is developing drugs for age-related diseases in cats and dogs.

“Dogs, cats, they are much better treated than they were before. They live with us, so we feed them better. We have a bit better healthcare. They are exercised. They live longer, but now they’re getting the diseases of ageing. “Animals pose a little bit more of a problem than people because they can’t tell you where it’s sore.”..........

Grubb hopes to bring the new drug – Felycin – to market (in the US, initially) early next year. Two other drugs – a beef-flavoured chewable tablet for nerve pain in dogs and a treatment for canine gastric ulcers – are also close to being market-ready. Alongside that, TriviumVet has developed some diagnostic tests that Grubb hopes could also be adapted for humans at some point..........