At TriviumVet we develop drugs and other medical devices to treat chronic diseases in companion animals.

*What is a companion animal? A companion animal is classified as a dog, cat or horse.


We Identify chronic illnesses in the companion animal population that either do not have veterinary drugs available or require new delivery technologies and innovations that are better suited to companion animals.


We then work with a scientific advisory board of experts from around the world to research healthcare solutions and pharmaceuticals to treat the chronic illnesses we have identified.


We evaluate products in our product development cycle through a robust innovation engineering methodology and create a business case for each new product innovation.


After the evaluation phase we select key products to develop for regulatory approval and market launch. We work exclusively in two jurisdictions, Europe and the United States.


Once our products are selected we develop the formulations and presentations and register them with the EMA - European Medicines Agency in Europe and the FDA - Food and Drug Administration in the United States.


Through the clinical trial and registration phase we demonstrate the safety and efficacy of our drugs and prepare them for market launch.


On approval we launch our products into the animal healthcare space making them available to veterinarians across Europe and the United States.